So You Want To Be A Mentor?

Here's how it works.


Just fill out our quick survey and we will connect you with more information


We connect you with 2-5 students (flexible based on your commitments)


Direct your mentees towards resources at your university and beyond--all with our support


Help your mentees thrive as they follow your customized advice 

How much of a time commitment is The College Scoop?

The time commitment can vary based on your previous/concurrent commitments. Most mentors spend less than 5 hours a month on mentorship, but others may prefer to dedicate more time to connecting with students.

What skills do I need to be a mentor?

All you need to be a successful mentor is a desire to help others by sharing your experience. Outside of that, we will give you all you need to provide your mentee with the necessary resources.

Do I need prior experience to mentor students?

No prior experience is necessary! Again, as long as you are willing and excited to help students, you're good to go!

Will I get paid?

The College Scoop currently is accepting mentors on a volunteer basis. No compensation will be provided at this time.

How many students will I need to mentor at one time?

Most mentors typically are responsible for 2-5 mentees, but this number can change as needed and if your schedule accommodates!

How long am I expected to work with my mentee?

The relationship can continue for only a couple of conversations, or a couple of years! It is up to you and your mentee to determine the shape and duration of your relationship.